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Why Career Counselling?

A large number of parents and students, unaware of alternative, successful career options/ opportunities/ possibilities that exist, pick the most commonly followed career paths and occupations.
Career plays a really important role in one's life as it is that the only thing which will lead to sweet success and satisfaction in life. In this age of stiff competition, students and parents ought to pick only the best career track for a fruitful life ahead. Unfortunately, only the monetary returns or future salary is taken into consideration while choosing a career path, which should not be the only consideration, to make one of the most significant choices of your life.
One wrong choice can drive you into a huge pit of jobless unhappy Indians....

This is where Career Counselling comes into picture. Career Counselling can empower you to get where your characteristics, capacities and aptitudes could be put to the best use. Career Counselling provides a guide to take the most effective decisions based on one's personality, career interest, aptitudes and abilities. One also needs to look at the wide array of conventional as well as unconventional choices available.

We provide 5 Dimensional AI base Psychometric Analysis
STEP 1 : Take ONLINE ASSESSMENT (psychometric assessment )
STEP 2 : PRE- COUNSELLING: This is done over a phone call
STEP 4 : Detail COUNSELLING SESSION, done ONLINE over Zoom , thus location is not a constraint.

At WHATNEXT, we provide you unlimited access to resources of curricula, universities, Fees structures, internship or scholarship possibilities and admission processes.

Where are you right now?

Why do professionals need career counselling?

Are you tired of doing the same job?
Do you struggle every morning to make up your mind and go to work?
Do you feel that your current job isn't your real calling?
If the answers for the above questions are 'Yes' you need a help!
Help from an expert to guide you towards the right path and explore the real purpose of your life.
... At WHATNEXT we will help you find new methodologies, a new mindset to help you transition to another role or enterprise and make an informed decision.We are experienced professionals in the field of Career Counselling and also corporate trends. We have worked with senior Professionals, Managers, Senior Executives and Leaders who are focused on making additional opportunities in their vocation and life. Above everything else, understand and follow your heart, do what you are made for and change your tomorrow to be the best one! Our promise is to help you each step of the way!

What can be more exciting than getting to know about future opportunities after your retirement?
What can be more fulfilling than extending your fruitful years beyond the retirement age ?
Our Career Counselling can help you explore a new world of opportunities to utilise your experiences in the most ideal manner.

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