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At WHATNEXT we lend you a helping hand in defining your career goals & aims; to ascertain the next steps for you. We help you evolve with a plan to achieve your aspirations which complements your objectives and goals. ...

We assist you to explore and investigate your true self, your thoughts, your ideas, your feelings and concerns about your educational & career choices. We aid in sorting out, organizing and prioritizing your career preferences, simultaneously keeping in mind the influencing factors, interests & abilities that make your Profile valuable. We indulge in tireless research on your behalf and aim to provide guidance through the available resources of career information and prospects.

We aim TO find “YOU”, so that the ideal career choice fits YOU and is aligned with your interests, skills, values, personality and allows you to have a life of your dreams and aspirations.


We help you discover your true purpose in life.
We help you in turning life themes into career goals and also to determine next steps for developing a plan to achieve your goals.
... We make you identify who you truly are and what you would like out of your education, your career, and your life.
We assist you in creating a space for introspection, for self-exploration and for self-investigation so that you can analyze your thoughts, ideas, feelings, and concerns about your career and educational choices.
We make it easier for you to sort out, organize, and make sense of your educational priorities & career.
We help you identify the factors influencing your career choices and development.
We guide you to research through available resources of career information and prospects.
We help you understand that your ideal job must be a perfect fit to your temperament, your inclinations, your individuality and your aspirations so that you do a job that you not only love but also translates into great monetary gains.
We Guide you to the right career path on the basis of your strengths and characteristics that we track through our Psychometric tests and analysis.
We assist you to approach your career path with less fear and worry and more faith and confidence.
The bottom line is we help you make informed choices and take considered decisions about your career.


What our clients say about us?

Letter of Appreciation:

A decent career counsellor makes you identify your goals analysis the career interests, career motivators and the right choices for your personality type. He gives the perfect roadmap and support to achieve your goals. The career counsellor can give the proper direction to the students/ professionals alongside advise the parents to require up progressive decisions. the selection of the career relies on the aptitude and interest of the individual .

To give you an honest answer there are no good and bad career choices. If you love what you do you will never feel like you are working and that is what the real meaning of career. Unfortunately, only the monetary returns or future salary is taken into consideration while choosing any career which is not the correct at all. Your career selection should be based on your personality type, your career interests, your motivation factors and last but not the least a career shoud put to use your skills and abilities in the right direction.

Experienced career instructors are prepared to comprehend mentee thinking and their latent capacity. When a mentee's latent capacity is comprehended, the counselor can manage the mentee to the best path reasonable to him/her and assist them with settling on the choices that guarantee professional achievement.

School students, College students professional and I believe that everyone who is confused or have lost path should go for career counselling. Counseling will be a path finder an eye opener and let you know your personality, interests , skills and abilities.

When somebody enlists for our program, the individual is going to be first approached to take up a WHATNEXT CC online psychometric test created by our group professional psychologists. This test evaluates the person's character, intrigue, inclination, work esteem inclination and enthusiastic career insight. After the test, test-takers will have a one on meeting with an expert Career Counsellor at WHATNEXT CC. There we will give you analysis of the psychometric test, pretty much all the courses you are keen on and that you are fit for.

Career Counselling sessions at 'WHATNEXT CC' are not just sessions of career counselling, but an overall experience, that throws an insight into your personality and traits as well. Here you will acquire the knowledge of not just what you should do, but also what you should not do. Career Counselling centres counsel you with what you can take up but not with what you should avoid. This makes us different from the rest.

School students, College students professional and I believe that everyone who is confused or have lost path should go for career counselling. Counseling will be a path finder an eye opener and let you know your personality, interests , skills and abilities.

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